If you are interested in adopting any of our small animals or birds, please have a look at our Rehoming Process on the Adopt page.

Rats require a cage floor area of 0.56 square metres / 6 square foot per rat with multiple levels for climbing.

Gerbils and mice require half the area of rats.  Adult rats do not generally mix well if introduced to others.

Adult gerbils should not be mixed and existing pairs should not be separated.

You may find our Hutch & Cage Sizes page useful.


DOLLY is a 2 year old female gerbil. She is a friendly girl who is used to being handled and will run around in your hands. She loves to dig and chew so will need deep bedding and plenty of cardboard for enrichment.


DANDELION  is an approx. 1 year old bantam cockerel. He is looking to be rehomed with girls for company.

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