If you are interested in adopting rabbits or guinea pigs, please have a look at our Rehoming Process on the Adopt page.

All of our bunnies are neutered, vaccinated and microchipped unless otherwise stated.

PLEASE think carefully before taking on a rabbit as a pet. Rehoming Centres all over the country are absolutely over-run with unwanted bunnies. We have a massive waiting list of rabbits to come in to the care of the Branch – we simply cannot take them all as we do not have the facilities. There is a tendency for people to think of rabbits as good pets for children, they are quite simply not. They have a tendency to scratch and bite (especially if mishandled) and as we all know ‘the novelty’ soon wears off and the rabbit is condemned to a life of misery in a hutch at the bottom of the garden. Rabbits deserve better than this. Of course, rabbits can make lovely pets for responsible owners, if you are sure that you can give a pair of our bunnies the kind of life they deserve then we’d be very happy to hear from you.  

Click here for RSPCA animal care advice for rabbits

We do recommend that ALL rabbits should be neutered especially females, as they are at risk of ovarian and womb cancers if they are not.

Rabbits are social creatures and should be rehomed in a pair or to live as a pair – our rabbits will be homed in pairs, or to make up a pair.

A pair of rabbits require a minimum cage floor area of 1.65 m / 18 ft square – height of 75cm / 2ft 6 inches.

A pair of guinea pigs require a cage floor area of 0.74 m / 8 ft square – height of 37.5cm / 15 inches.

For more info refer to our Hutch & Cage Sizes page.

Camilla and Crown

CAMILLA AND CROWN are mother and daughter bonded pair looking to be rehomed together. Camilla is around 2 years old and Crown is 1 year old. Camilla is a little nervous initially but is getting braver, Crown will often run up to you and take food from your hand.

Gethin and Edam

Gethin is a year old brown male Guinea pig who has been bonded with Edam, a 4 month old black and tan female. They are sweet guinea pigs who currently in a foster home where they are gaining in confidence and starting to explore more every day. They are looking to be rehomed together.


MICKY is a 6 year old Black and White male Lionhead rabbit. He is a sweet and friendly boy who will come to you for food and a stroke. He is looking to be rehomed with a neutered female for company.


CASPER is a 4 year old black male rabbit. He is looking to be rehomed with  neutered female for company. He is a friendly rabbit who will sometimes come to you for attention.


NOODLE is a 6 month old grey and white male lop rabbit. He came in as his owner was allergic. he is a sweet and friendly rabbit who is looking to be rehomed with a neutered female rabbit for company.

Willow and Squeak

WILLOW is approx. 1 year old black and tan lop rabbit. SQUEAK is a 4 month old brown male lop. He is the son of willow, they came in together after being kept in unsuitable accommodation. Squeak is the more confidant of the pair and will come up to people for attention, Willow can be a little more shy initially. They are looking to be rehomed together.

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