If you are interested in adopting a cat, please have a look at our Rehoming Process on the Adopt page.

All of our cats are neutered, vaccinated and microchipped unless otherwise stated.

Kittens too young to be neutered will be issued with a £25 neutering voucher.


MERLIN is approx 1 year old DSH black male. He came in as a stray and while he can be friendly and enjoy a fuss he can become a little unsure and swipe so will need to be given time to learn to be around people again. He loves his food and can be quite protective around it, especially treats so this will need to be kept safely out his reach. He will need to go to an adult only home and as the only animal.


BARKLEY is approx. 4 year old DSH tabby male. He came in to us as a stray so we don’t know much about his past. He is a friendly boy who enjoys a fuss on his terms but can be a little unpredictable at times as he is learning to trust people again. He does not like to be restrained or picked up. He would need to go to an adult only home, with a  more rural location. He does not like other cats so would prefer to be the only animal.


MARLEY is a Black DMH male, 1 year old. He is a sweet friendly cat who loves attention, likes to rub around legs and sit on your lap. He hates other cats and can redirect negative behaviour onto people when other cats are around. He will need to be the only animal in the house and would need to be adult only as can be unpredictable at times. Ideally he would need a more rural home to give him space to explore outside.


CADBURY is a 9 month old DSH Black and White male. He came in to us with a broken pelvis which has now healed. He is a very loving and friendly cat who loves a fuss, however he is very nervous out of his “safe” space and hates being picked up. He could live with children and will need a rural home away from any busy roads so he can safely explore as he gains confidence.

Aria and Sofia

ARIA and SOFIA are a pair of 1 year old DSH sisters. Aria is Tabby and White and Sofia is Tabby. They came in to us as strays, they are friendly girls who like a fuss, although not too keen on being picked up. Sofia is more forward than Aria and usually comes up first for attention, Aria can take a bit longer to get to know you.


SPARROW is a 4 year old DSH white male. He is shy initially but once settled loves a fuss. He is deaf, but as he likes to go outside he will need somewhere away from any busy roads with a secure garden/outside area to be able to go out safely. He would prefer to be the only animal, and could possible live with older children.


MALCOM is a 1 year old cream tabby male. He is very friendly and enjoys attention, but can be a little shy while he gets to know you. He enjoys going outside and will need a safe outside space away from busy roads. He could live with older children.


It is now coming into kitten season and over the next few months we will have kittens available for rehoming. Kittens will need a safe outside space away from any busy roads as most are born here and have no road sense. They can usually be rehomed with children of any age and could live with other animals. We usually rehome them in pairs whenever possible so please state if you could take on a pair or not. They also need people to be around for most of the day. If you are interested in rehoming kittens please fill in our online form, please note that we will only get in contact with you if we have kittens ready for rehoming and your home is suitable for them. We usually get a lot of applications for kittens and not everyone will be successful.

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