What We Do

  • We run Taylor’s Rehoming Centre – we take in and find new homes for animals
  • We assist with vet bills – currently only the neutering of female cats
  • We run three Charity Shops in Bridport, Sherborne and Weymouth
  • We fundraise within the branch boundaries – all money raised is spent locally
  • We provide volunteering opportunities for local people

What We Do Not Do

  • We do not investigate cruelty
  • We do not have RSPCA Inspectors
  • We do not currently have facilities to take in or rehome dogs

Assistance with Vet Bills

To qualify for assistance with vet bills you must meet the following criteria:-

1.  You must live within the Branch area

2.  You must be in receipt of (a) Housing Benefit or (b) Council Tax Benefit

The Branch encourages people to have their animals neutered and offers financial assistance to those owners of cats who meet the above criteria. There are maximum amounts we can contribute towards the cost of neutering:-

£40 contribution towards spaying a female cat.

We can no longer assist financially with any vet bills other than this.

If you are in need of help with the payment of a veterinary bill you must contact the Branch for authorisation BEFORE going ahead with the treatment. Local vets will be able to advise you. All money is paid directly to the vet by RSPCA West Dorset Branch and can under no circumstances be given to the animal’s owner.

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